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What you need to Know

Enjoy professional driving, meticulous vehicles, and prompt arrivals for every ride. At Big Bend Concierge Services LLC, we also offer lots of luxurious extras, including city tours, VIPs services, and more. It is our pleasure to serve the needs of clients, both as individuals and corporations. Your time and money are valuable. Our efficient and dedicated staff will work tirelessly to simplify and enrich your life, providing the lifestyle you desire by leveraging our exclusive industry networks, contacts and preferential relationships.

Our staff has the resources and knowledge to carry out any request to your specifications with personalized service and pride in understanding each client’s individual needs. Our goal with every service request is to exceed your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Fleet


2017 Cadilac Escalade heated and cooled seats, hotspots, multiple charging ports, Bose surround

sound system, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

Passengers: 6 | Luggage: 5
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